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Huge wave sweeps 3 in family out to sea during funeral vigil on Spain beach

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A humongous wave carried three family members out to sea after they got hit by a huge wave while holding a vigil over their father's ashes on the beach. According to UPI on Jan. 7, one man is dead and two of the family members are still missing in the ocean off the beach of Meiras, Spain. One other family member was caught in the wave, but that person made it back to shore safely.

Juan Bedoya Lopez, 50, was with family members saying good-bye to his father and getting ready to scatter his ashes when a wave crashed into the four people and took them out to sea. The body of Lopez washed ashore later in the day.

The search for the two missing people is hampered greatly by the poor weather conditions in Spain today, reports the mayor of Meiras, José Antonio Vigo Lago.

The waves claimed another life and caused injuries in other areas of Europe. A woman in Biarritz, France, was swept into the sea by a monster wave. In Porto, Portugal, a tidal surge injured four people and dragged dozens of cars out to sea, according to