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Huge 'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Who will die is revealed

Melissa McBride
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tomorrow night is the episode of "The Walking Dead" season four that you do not want to miss. On March 14, Pop Dust was able to share huge spoilers about this upcoming episode called "The Grove." If you don't want to know who dies, then stop reading now.

First off this episode is all about Tyreese and Carol along with the girls that are with them. They have Lizzie, Mika, and Baby Judith. They are trying to find everyone else but for now it is just them. What will happen on this episode, will shock everyone.

Carol realizes that Lizzie doesn't understand walkers and that will turn out to be true. Lizzie does tell Tyreese that they don't always need to be put down. She will even start to play with a walker like they are a friend of hers. This is when it gets interesting.

Lizzie will go totally crazy. She kills Mika by stabbing her so that she can make her a walker and she even tells them that Judith will be next. Instead of letting this happen Carol will kill Lizzie in one of the most shocking scenes ever on "TWD." This is one episode you can't miss.

Don't miss this new episode of "The Walking Dead" on March 16. It will be season 4 episode 14.

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