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Huge 'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Season 4 episode 9 leaked and ending revealed

Tonight is a new episode of "The Walking Dead" and huge spoilers are now out. On Feb. 9, Wet Paint shared how the new episode, which is season 4 episode 9, was actually released early on Xbox yesterday. This of course was not AMC's plan or if it was it was great marketing.

Chandler Riggs
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Solei

Several fans were able to get the episode, but now it gives you an error if you try to download it. A lot of people posted on YouTube and they were taken down right away, but some have been able to stay up. It appears to be the ones who took videos with their phones of the television instead of actually posting the video from the television.

One scene was leaked you can see in the video on this page. It is actually the last two minutes of the episode that airs tonight. In this clip, Michonne reunites with Carl and Rick. She shows up at the house they are at and comes in. The entire scene ends with Rick saying, "It's for you" to Carl when he realizes who is at the door.

Don't miss a new episode of "The Walking Dead" tonight on AMC.

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