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Huge 'The Walking Dead' season four finale spoilers from Greg Nicotero

Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Hyundai

Tonight "The Walking Dead" showed fans what Terminus was and that it does exist. On March 23, The Hollywood Reporter was able to talk to talk to Greg Nicotero who is the executive producer of the show. He gave away some great information about the show.

He did share that Mary is not the only person there. Obviously she is there and ready to help out the new people that have arrived though. Basically she is the one there to welcome everyone. These people have found a way to survive in this crazy world they are in now.

Greg did not reveal at what point everyone will show up at Terminus, but he did remind us that everyone is headed there. As they are walking down the tracks, their ultimate goal is to get there. The Claimers have seen the sign and are headed that way also.

One big thing he would not reveal is anything about Beth. He did not share if we will see her again or not on "TWD." He did share that Andrew J. West's new character is going to be at Terminus.

Don't miss the finale of "The Walking Dead" season four next week on Sunday night on AMC.

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