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Huge 'Southern Charm' news: Kathryn Dennis gives birth to Thomas Ravenel's baby

Kathryn C Dennnis
Kathryn C Dennnis
Kathryn C Dennis on Twitter

Rumors have been flying about Kathryn C Dennis and Thomas Ravenel of "Southern Charm" still being together. Now a huge spoiler is out and it appears they stayed together. On Tuesday, TMZ revealed that she actually just gave birth to his child.

Sources close to the couple say that she gave birth to a baby girl just two weeks ago. It is the first child for both of them but neither one has been shy about wanting to have kids in the future. They even had a big pregnancy scare on the show after the first time they were together. Reports came out in March that she was pregnant.

On the new episode last night, Kathryn admitted that they were not being careful and using birth control. She even said that she plans to marry Thomas eventually and that he had told her if they got pregnant that he would marry her right away. It doesn't appear that they have tied the knot just yet though. You can assume that if they get married it will be a big deal and she will want to lose some baby weight to look great on the big day.

It is being reported that Kathryn and Thomas are now living together in Palm Beach. They are now doing great and have added a little girl to the mix. Fans assumed they were together for several hints she posted on Twitter and Instagram, but there has been no confirmation. So far the couple isn't speaking out about it. They may stay quiet until Bravo tells them they can share the information with the viewers.

"Southern Charm" airs new episodes on Bravo on Monday nights. Part of this story line could end up showing at the end of the season or if the show is renewed for another season. It will be interesting to see if Thomas and Kathryn speak out about the news and share with their fans soon. Update: They just admitted that it is true and talked about it in a Bravo blog.