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Huge 'Married at First Sight' spoilers:Did Vaughn Copeland file for annulment?

Monet and Vaughn
Monet and Vaughn

Viewers are loving the show "Married at First Sight" and are trying to find updates on the couples. Cortney and Jason have been talking on social networks often. Jamie and Doug aren't shy about talking to each other either. Vaughn Copeland and Monet Bell are very quiet and have fans wondering what is going on. On Monday, Monet Bell did an interview with S2S Magazine that really did not let fans in on any clues.

In this interview, she simply talks about why she did the show. Monet never mentions if she is still with Vaughn or how they are doing together. This got fans starting to search for details on the marriage. On Monday, a fan e-mailed Examiner with some crazy news about this couple.

If you search the New York state court dockets for Vaughn Copeland his name shows up in a case. It is Vaughn Copeland vs. Angelica Bell. Monet is the name she goes by but Bell is her last name and it is easy to assume that Angelica is her real name. This all happened on March 24, 2014. If you search for the rest of the people on the show, their names do not show up at all.

This fact had fans wondering what was going on with Vaughn and Monet. Some even assumed it was an annulment. It was obvious that this couple did something different than the other two. Marriage licenses in New York are not public record.

Jamie Otis shared on Twitter that the weddings happened on March 23 and that they filmed for one month after this showing their relationships grow. This makes it look like whatever happened was the day after the wedding.

Examiner was able to contact FYI Network and find out the scoop. No this couple didn't get an annulment, but they won't share if they worked out. Here is what happened according to FYI Network, "Monet and Vaughn needed a waiver from a judge so they could get married the same day they got their license (March 24), due to their honeymoon travel schedule, and that is what this court record relates to. The other two couples didn't have the same time constraints so they didn't get waivers, and that is why their names don't turn up in court records."

Don't miss "Married at First Sight" on Tuesday nights on FYI. This show is a great one and if you aren't watching you have only missed two episodes so far. Make sure you watch and see how it all plays out.

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