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Huge 'General Hospital' spoilers: AJ Quartermaine won't pull through

Sean Kanan
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"General Hospital" fans have been wanting to know if A. J. Quartermaine will live or die. At first it appeared that he would pull through, but now it does not look that way at all. On March 17, TV Guide confirmed that Sean Kanan is leaving the show so it looks like A. J. won't pull through.

It is now confirmed that Sean Kanan will be leaving the show and going back to "Bold and The Beautiful." That means fans might switch shows just to see him. He will be back as his character Deacon Sharpe. Right now he is still working on "GH" though.

Sean will be working through March 28 and then of course a few more episodes after will air with him. He saw the writing on the wall that he could be leaving though. A. J. wasn't in a big relationship and so he knew it might be coming.

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