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Huge 'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Nick's killer is revealed

Blake Berris
Blake Berris
Photo by Skip Bolen

Huge spoilers are out for "Days of Our Lives" and now Nick's killer has been revealed. On Friday, the "Days of Our Lives" forum spoiler page went to their Facebook to share this big spoiler. Fans have been wondering for a while now who actually killed Nick Fallon and now the news is out about who did it.

The new cover of Soap Opera Digest is out and you can see it on their website. The cover shows a huge spoiler saying that it is confirmed that Gabi was the one who killed Nick. They were able to get the information before it aired on the show and this shocked everyone. Maybe she shouldn't have stayed so calm when she found out that he was dead. That made a lot of people wonder about her. The cover doesn't share any more information about it though. You should be able to read more about this spoiler inside the magazine when it hits the shelves. This is a June episode but should be out pretty soon.

Fans of "DOOL" are not shocked by it and honestly think that they had figured it out already. A lot of people feel that because of how she handled it that it would turn out she was the killer. Gabi had even changed everything about the custody papers right after it all went down.

The other reason this fits into the story line is that Gabi has left the show. You never know if she will end up coming back on the show as a guest appearance but for now she will is gone from "Days of Our Lives." Viewers will just have to wait and see how it all plays out on the show but now the killer has been revealed. Everyone else will eventually be off the hook when police find out the killer is Gabi.