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Huge crowds drawn to first ever Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con

With annual comic book conventions at various cities across the United States, Wizard Entertainment's Wizard World Comic Con series has been a place for pop culture fans to get their fill of comics, cosplay, and a chance to meet special guests of the entertainment industry. During the March 7-9 weekend, Sacramento recently became the newest city to host a Wizard World Comic in the aptly named Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con held at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Cosplayer dressed as Tommy Oliver the White Ranger from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers."
Karen Luong
Bane, Batman, and The Joker cosplayers in front of the Dealers Hall at Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con, which was held March 7-9 at the Sacramento Convention Center.
Karen Luong

For a first time convention in Sacramento, Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con managed to draw in attendees by the droves. Each attendee had his or her own reason for attending. Some wanted to check out the packed Dealers Hall hoping to add on to their collection of comic books and other entertainment memorabilia. Some wanted to meet the artists who brought said comic books and comic book characters characters through their talent with the pen or other medium they use to create art. Some wanted a chance to meet various Hollywood talent like Bruce Campbell, William Shatner, or the vigilante trio who made up “The Boondock Saints.

Some wanted to show off their love for their favorite characters with cosplay. Spending days to months on their cosplay costumes, cosplayers arrived wearing colorful and ornate outfits that truly do feel appropriate for a comic book. A highlight for Saturday of Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con was the cosplay contest where cosplay judges and audiences alike marveled at all the blood, sweat, and tears shed to create such impressive cosplay.

Whatever drew attendees into Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con proved to be something that could be a family affair. Parents & children could be seen cosplaying, discussing favorite comic book superheroes & super villains, or admiring the cool toys & figurines together.

After a weekend filled with guests, memorabilia, and crowds of attendees with similar tastes in entertainment, the first Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con showed off its features to a new crowd and city. Now attendees of this comic book convention should be anticipating in excitement over the new guests and features planned for the next Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con, which is currently scheduled for June 19-21, 2015.

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