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Huge beehive found at Miami Airport: Beehive weighs 40 pounds

A huge beehive was discovered at Miami International Airport by construction workers. The 40-pound hive (yes, you read that right) was found underneath a shipping container that was used to house construction equipment on the premises.

Officials say that there were over 40,000 bees in the hive at the time it was discovered -- and they were doing what bees do... making honey... twenty-five pounds of honey to be exact. The bees were not exterminated but, rather, relocated. A beekeeper was called in to collect the bees so that they could be safely transported to a farm nearby. He was stung over a dozen times but is okay following the ordeal.

The honey found in the huge beehive was also preserved. It was taken to the same farm where the workers would bottle it and likely sell it. Everyone seems happy with the outcome as these bees will continue to thrive in a safe environment.

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