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Huge 'Amish Mafia' spoilers: Esther talks about domestic violence attack

Amish farmer
Amish farmer
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This week on a new episode of "Amish Mafia" Esther Schmucker is going to speak out about being the victim of domestic violence. On March 31, Extra TV shared a preview of the upcoming episode. It is heart breaking to listen to Esther talk about it all.

She revealed that she met the guy when out with her English friends and he seemed perfect to her. This guy made her feel like she meant a lot to him and she says that Amish guys don't do that for you. It was a new thrill and she liked him.

Esther shared that he started to lose his temper on a daily basis. She didn't know what she did most of the time that had him upset, but one night it got really bad. Esther opened the door to him and he started yelling then pushed her. She fell into her dresser and then it got worse. Fans hate to hear her talking about what she had to go through. He didn't leave her side for four days after it happened. Make sure you listen to her version in the video on this page. You can read more about how bad the assault was here.

Don't miss the new episode of "Amish Mafia" on Tuesday night on Discovery.

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