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Huge 8 foot alligator found near Florida Elementary School

An 8-foot-long alligator was found stuck in a storm drain in Pinellas County Florida on Friday.
The Pinellas Counrt Sheriff's Department received a call around 1:30 this afternoon, from a citizen reporting an alligator in a drain. Deputies responding found the animal stuck in a storm drain, unable to free itself. The animal was just a few blocks away from an elementary school.

Pinellas County Sheriffs Department

Bystanders assisted a trapper and deputies in pulling the animal from the storm drain. The gator was discovered trapped in the drain, with its head stuck in the opening to the roadway. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials then prepared to transport the gator to a farm near Dover.

Gators can be dangerous. Alligators have been known to injure or kill people and pets. Most attacks occur in the water, suggesting victims are mistaken for prey. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission receives thousands of nuisance complaints every year. Many of these alligators must be killed because there are few places where they can be relocated.

Larger gators have been seen in the United States,
According to the website

A male adult American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) measures somewhere around 13-14 ft. in length. The alligator which is claimed to be the largest to have been ever recorded was found on Marsh Island, Louisiana, in 1890. It was killed near Vermilion Bay in southern Louisiana. It measured 19.2 ft. (5.85 m) in length, and weighed somewhere around 2000 lbs - allegedly. As it was found way back in the late 19th century, it is a bit difficult to verify the claim, and this has made some experts question its credibility.

There have been quite a few unconfirmed reports of American alligators exceeding 20 ft. in length coming from different parts of the United States, but none of these are credible enough.

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