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Huff Post report: Drudge had fun featuring Obama bowing to robot

Huff Post report; Drudge had fun featuring Obama bowing to a robot
Huff Post report; Drudge had fun featuring Obama bowing to a robot
Common use/ Drudge Report screenprint

According to Huff Post on Thursday, founder of the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge isn't always serious or out to get Obama with his political headlines. Sometimes Matt is just having a little fun. Writer, Catherine Taibi, claimed that when Drudge got a gander of the image of President Obama bowing to a robot, showing his "respect," Matt Drudge "decided to have some fun with it."

The writer went on to claim that once photos of President Obama's Asia-Pacific trip hit the wires, the image of Obama bowing to a robot popped up. The temptation was just too irresistible for the political headline guru, and "the Drudge Report just couldn't help itself." Soon the splashy image of Obama's bow to a robot was plopped into the banner spot, conceivably, so everyone could share Drudge's mirth.

Huff Post has a history of jabbing The Drudge Report for the conservative slant of its political headlines. Back in August of 2013, a bizarre phrase, "Take a breath, Matt Drudge," popped up in the Huffington Post search engine over 46,300 times. Currently, the Huff Post search engine has reduced the time span of the search and the maximum return for the phrase referenced is only six.

The Drudge Report has a history of its own regarding President Obama and his habit of bowing to world leaders. Once, the Drudge Report put together a collage of many of the most infamous of Obama's presidential bows, and featured the image with the headline, "Foreign Policy."

Those images weren't received with a light heart by conservatives. Beginning in 2009 when Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah in his visit to Turkey, Obama was deeply criticized for his controversial bows. For an American president to bow to another leader was considered by many to be an unheard of gesture, never before made by an American president.

Obama continued to bow. Drudge featured the president bowing to the Japanese Emperor, who clearly did not return the bow. Drudge showed Obama greeting Hu at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C., with the caption, "Bow to Chinese Communist."

Now the president has topped all of his previous bows by bowing to a robot. If Obama also had a moment of levity and Drudge wasn't the only one who "had fun" with Obama's latest bow, it didn't show. However, with as much grief as Obama has caught for his propensity to bow, it's fair to imagine Obama ironically smiling as he wondered what the press would make of him bowing to a robot.

Today, the Drudge Report headline under the image of Obama and the humanoid robot, was, "U.S. President bows to Japanese Robot." The link leads to a report by Breitbart where it is revealed that "the geek side" of Obama was merely "bemused" with the Japanese robot which is named ASIMO, an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Obama was quoted as remarking, "I have to say the robots were a little scary. They were too life-like."

Like the president, if Matt Drudge is amused and having fun with the Drudge banner of Obama and the robot, he's not telling. Checking his Twitter page, Drudge emitted not one robot tweet, not even a giggle.

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