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Huey block to be announced May 18

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As the dust settles on Theros block and everyone is gearing up for the Journey into Nyx prerelease, the lean and hungry Magic rumor community is, as always, not sated for long with a complete set spoiler and is already looking ahead to the future. Since the next block is still technically an unknown quantity in the absence of an official announcement (clues and apparent leaks of copyright information notwithstanding, we still can't say for certain whether it's Warlords of Khanar or Khans of Tarkir or what have you in a Central Asian steppe world) there's a lot of speculation about what Huey is going to be like.

And Mark Rosewater has told us on his Tumblr blog when we're going to hear about it for the first time, and it's unusually late. When miracle-falcon asked, "When might we be getting anything official about Huey?" he replied:

We will make the first announcement about it the Sunday of Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx.

This means May 18, according to the Pro Tour Journey into Nyx page on the mothership. When pressed for an explanation, Mark gave an understandable reason: Overlap. He told bonsequitur on his blog, "We’ve decided that we want to announce it at a time where we’re not actively previewing a different set."