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Hudson valley personal development discovery with brilliance

Unlock the Brilliance of You!
Unlock the Brilliance of You!
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Since 2011 the personal development sector grew to $10 billion in annual revenue in 2013. Professionals with macro industry experiences are developing their training and expertise into products and services. The newest market entrant into the Personal Development industry is Beyond Rubies, led by Marie Vega-Byrne. Her two year old company is a small business positioned for managed growth into 2015.

Marie Vega-Byrne is a professional guiding the individual professional to reach specifics. Professionals working with Marie become focused and detailed. They discover who they are. The details about what they want to achieve is crystallized in their lives. Marie views Beyond Rubies as a collaborative contributor. She holds a goal of contribution to the Personal Development industry together with her peers. Like Marie, many new market entrants are corporately trained professionals. They are consultants, specialists and professional coaches guiding productivity or employ-ability. Marie believes her unique vision for Beyond Rubies is built upon inspiration from within and discovery. People who experience Marie’s work are inspired to specifically define their what not their how.

Marie is an experienced former corporate professional with expertise in succession planning and talent development for firms like McGraw Hill. She transitioned her professional growth into the Real Estate title insurance industry. Beyond Rubies, Ltd is designed to guide professionals through Marie’s proprietary discovery framework to gain insight and clarity around their contributions to themselves, their family and their community. “It is not about the financial aspects of my business that inspire me, although it is an important part of business, it is helping people find the brilliance inside their ruby”, Marie shares. “To do that, I help people begin their discovery journey to uncover their brilliance.”

Marie enjoys working with people ready to experience creating a life beyond rubies.