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Huckabee says the big money wants him to run in 2016

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a 2008 Repubican candidate for president and host of the weekly show “Huckabee” on the Fox New channel, says well-financed supporters are urging him to run for the GOP nomination in 2016 and promising big bucks. The Washngton Examiner reports today, “that donors are rushing him with offers of big-dollar support, clearing away his highest hurdle to entering the2016 GOP primaries.”

Mike Huckabee is looking at running for president again 2016
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Washington Examiner reports, “The biggest difference between 2008 and this year, he said, is that supporters and well-financed contributors are urging him to run and pledging to fund his effort. One of the main reasons why: He has the best knowledge of the Clinton campaign machine, knows Bill and Hillary Clinton and their tactics well, and has run and won against two female candidates.”

Huckabee himself believes he would run against Hillary Clinton in a 2016 general election and win. The Examiner quoted him as saying, “I certainly know the Clintons; I know Hillary. I’ve had two races against female opponents. I do understand the difference in the dynamics that that brings.”

Huckabee said when he ran in 2008 he had very limited financial support from major GOP donors and bundlers and have to “beg and plead” for financial support. Now he says it's different, that he is being approach by as of yet unnamed major donors to run for the GOP nomination in 2016.

These are people coming from all over the spectrum, but these are people who have a history of not just talking, but making it work,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee believes he can win by being very tough on Hillary Clinton, unlike Mitt Romney's kid gloves treatment of Barack Obama while he was constantly bashing Romney during the 2012 campaign mercilessly. Huckabee said, “Like it or not, she has fingerprints on this administration that she cannot remove. There is no glove that can take the fingerprints off some of the things that have happened in her tenure not only as secretary of state, but as a senator, especially within the administration.”

Commentary: Although I generally like Mike Huckabee, and think he's a good man, he's not my first choice for president in 2016. One, if he's going to be serious candidate in 2016, he needs to ditch the soft-on-immigration stance he ran on in 2008 and adopt a much tougher stance on both legal and illegal immigation. We're not going to seriously reduce our excessive unemployment (about 21 when measured by 1980 standards) by importing more tha one million legal and illegal unemployed “undocumented” immigrants every year. I think Ted Cruz is a far stronger candidate, but if running Mike Huckabee is the answer to beating the Democrats in 2016, I'll definitley vote for Huckabee over any of the candidates the far left could run as Democrats in 2016, including Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O' Malley, etc. Mike Huckabee would be a far president, and is easily a better person of character, than any of the candidate of the corrupt-o-crat party.

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