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Hubris from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Hubris from Journey Into Nyx
Wizards of the Coast

Hubris and a new common blue instant from Wizards of the Coast's expert "Magic: The Gathering" expansion set "Journey Into Nyx."

Hubris - 1U
Instant (Common)
Return target creature and all Auras attached to it to their owners' hands.
"You wish to learn of Nyx? Very Well?"
-Phenax, god of deception

Hey look, it's another Unsummon variant. Whereas Voyage's End can help you dig into your deck, Hubris bounces attached Auras too. Easier to splash than Dramatic Rescue, yet not as versatile compared to Disperse or Far // Away, Hubris is an upgraded first mode of Orzhov Charm allowing you to target an opponent's threats and not just save your own creature (and all attached auras) from a removal spell. Cyclonic Rift may be a better card to play with in a general vacuum.

Hubris can set your opponent back, dealing with your opponent's threat temporarily and preventing that bestow creature enchanting it from entering play. Hubris may not have the impact as say Dinrova Horror or Aether Adept (they're bodies too), however it'll prove to be a nice combat trick in limited games.

We're confidant that you've got a sufficient amount of it (hubris) for us to reveal any significant shenanigans to pull off with this card. Prove us right and let us know: How will you use Hubris?

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