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Hubris and the gay rights movement

A gay teacher has been fired by Marian High school in Bloomfield Hills, ostensibly for being pregnant. She is not married and has been with a 'partner' for more than five years. In short, she may have been terminated for not one, not two, but three reasons, all of which are clearly in violation of traditional Roman Catholic theology. And she would not be the first teacher relieved of duties at a Catholic school for similar reasons.

We hear now, as we have before when other instructors openly defiant of Catholic dogma have been fired, that the chemistry teacher, one Barbara Webb, was an inspiration and that the Church is somehow wrong about the issue. After all, we're supposed to be tolerant and accepting, aren't we, fellow Christians? Never mind that those arguing for tolerance and acceptance are, by the very nature of their assertions, being themselves intolerant and unaccepting of Catholics.

Ms. Webb has asked that people stand up for change. This is nothing more than prattle: the best response to being asked by others to change, that is, to conform to their will rather than your own, is to ask them to change to your point of view, if it's really only about change anyway. They won't, because they don't mean change any more than they mean tolerate or accept. How can anyone, with the barest moment of thought, take such arguments seriously?

Because we're not asked to think. We're asked to emote, and without consideration of whether emotion hurts or helps the questions at hand.

This simply should not be news. An employee who openly defies the religious rules of a private, mainstream religious institution should expect to be fired. Knowing the likely outcome if their situation should become too clear to ignore, which surely Ms. Webb knew when she took the job, reeks of an arrogance normally reserved for the haters of religion: you can't tell me what to do, but I sure as Hades can tell you.

Yet Marian High School and the Catholic Church are the bad guys here. It is truly a warped world we have these days.

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