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Silver Dogs Short Film

Silver Dogs Short Film
Silver Dogs Short Film

Erin Drake-Prior is a writer director who created a film about what happens to the family dog when we divorce. When people break up, they usually do not have a plan for the dog. This is a comedy film about a man who is dealing with that. I got my dog from the shelter where he had been surrendered. I often wondered if that was his situation.

Silver Dogs is a short film about a recently divorced stand-up comedian, homeless and living in his car, who struggles after his ex-wife forces him to take their two geriatric Weimaraners.

Erin is a recent graduate who completed her internship in the art department on a Sundance Institute film called The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Her short films have been featured at festivals and won awards.

She supports Weimaraner rescue organizations and understands the problem. With this film, she can raise awareness for all dogs in this situation as well as create a fun, entertaining film. Here are two samples of what the film is going to look like and
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