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HTC and Lumina take the ice bucket challange

the ice bucket challenge for ALS
the ice bucket challenge for ALS

Carrie Underwood used a front loader, Russell Wilson did it on top of the Space Needle, Kermit the Frog did it in the woods and now both the HTC one and Lumina 930 smartphones have done it. What is it? The ice bucket challenge to raise funds for ALS disease.

On Friday the front office at South Korean-based posted a YouTube video showing their Galaxy S5 taking the ice bucket challenge. When the video start the S5 introduce itself and announces what is about to come. Then after commenting on how cold the water is it challenged the HTC One M8, the Lumina 930 and the iPhone 5s.

Yesterday a video appeared, on Schannel on YouTube, that had both HTC One M8 and Lumia 930 accepting the challenge. The iPhone 5s was conspicuously absent from that video but they did take the challenge in a separate YouTube video. The iPhone did not comment on whether the it did not want to associate with the HTC and Lumina smartphones or just could not make it in time to participate. Which ever of these was the case it was a pleasant surprise to see all three of these smartphones take up the challenge made by their South Korean-based rival.

One of the reason behind Samsung starting this series of challenges is that they wanted show off their waterproofing that is certified at 3 feet for 30 minutes. Having their smartphone take the ice bucket challenge that has become a phenomenon on YouTube proved to be a perfect vehicle. The South Korean-based company did not just do it for publicity they also donated an undisclosed amount to the British Motor Neurone Disease Association to aid in research for disease.

The ALS ice-bucket-challenge videos have become a big sensation over the last month raising millions of dollars for research in finding a cure for this debility disease. ALS is aslo known as Lou Gehrig disease after is shortened the career of New York Yankee slugger Lou Gehrig. The disease slowly robs the body of all motor skills and eventually death of the victims.

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