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HSSC Offers variety of obedience & agility classes for dogs of all ages

Instructor John Pfohler
Courtesy HSSC

January 22, 2014 ~ Sarasota, FL: HSSC Training Classes 2014

“Love me, love my dog.”

Probably the sentiment of most dog lovers, but we can’t really expect this if our dogs aren’t lovable. Why do you suppose it’s been so hard to find pet-friendly rentals in this area? Beaches that welcomes pets? Restaurants that put out the “Welcome, Wipe Your Paws Please” mat? Because unsocialized, untrained dogs can be a pain to have around no matter how much the cuteness overload.

Slowly but surely, landlords, local governments, parks, restaurant owners, and the general non-dog-family public is offering dog lovers the chance to integrate their dogs into the general population. This has been a long time coming and will only be successful if both the dogs and their owners are trained to be good neighbors…human and canine. This means both must contribute common courtesy, from cleaning up after your pet to training it not to jump on people or their pets. As responsible pet parents, we need to give our dogs the skills and knowledge to function favorably in “polite society.”

So here’s the big chance: The Humane Society of Sarasota County is offering classes for every dog from your new puppy to your newly adopted senior dog (and yes, old dogs CAN learn new tricks). Class offerings range from basic obedience through earning the Canine Good Citizen Certification to the great fun of working agility courses together (and if you’re looking for exercise that’s fun for you and your dog, here ya go!).

Courses are available for six weeks at a time and some are already filling up, so check out the availability and get you fur-baby enrolled NOW!

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