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HSP job fair


With compromises still in the works and the future of the nation's human space exploration program in an on again off again state of limbo, hundreds of local Ares contractors have already been laid off.

The HSP Job fair will be Tuesday.
Image credit: HSP Professionals

Not to wax negative, but it is time to roll up some sleeves. That is the reality of life in the aerospace arena. Huntsville is a major player. But, as a city, we got a hump to get over and those proverbial sleeves are already rolled up. Huntsville Space Professionals (HSP)  have a job fair planned.

It will be on Tuesday, July 27th, from 1 p.m.- 4 pm at the University Center at UAH. The HSP Career Fair is open to all individuals impacted due to the Constellation Program cuts at Marshall Space Flight Center as well as ANY individual looking for employment in the Space and Military industries!

This job fair is a little different from others you may have attended. It was put together by local space professionals for local space professionals, specifically for those affected by the Ares/Constellation layoffs.

Huntsville Space Professionals grew out of the hard reality of recurring layoffs and fluctuations in the aerospace industry. Every layoff does have a trickle down affect and it affects the whole city. On a personal level though, it affects individuals and families very hard. Mortgage payments come due, kids need school supplies, and groceries on the table are a good thing.

Another very real side of this issue is that many talented career aerospace professionals seek greener pastures. Some leave the industry; others leave the area as well. For Huntsville to sustain itself as a number one city, a leader among the aerospace community, and second only to the Silicon Valley as a high tech hub, we have to preserve our human resources.

Huntsville has a reputation for its highly educated, highly skilled aerospace, science and technology workforce. Folks move here from around the globe to be part of that community. High tech companies from around that same globe move here because the workforce they need to get their work done is here. All of this is Huntsville.

Although layoffs affect the individual, it is much more than an individual problem. It is a city and state level problem. HSP was formed to help the area and the affected individuals deal with those very real and personal issues when aerospace layoffs happen. HSP members have been on the phone talking to local employers. There is already a list of job openings on their website.

More are expected, but the following companies have already committed to attendance at the job fair on Tuesday.

  1. Aerotek
  2. Alatec Inc.
  3. Apex Systems
  4. Autonomy Solutions
  5. BAE Systems
  6. Belzon
  7. Boecore
  8. Colsa Corporation
  9. Cummings Aerospace
  10. Davidson Technologies
  11. DMD
  12. Herdt Consulting
  13. Infinity Technology
  14. Intuitive Research Corp.
  15. ITT
  16. Kwajalein Range Services, LLC
  17. Logicore
  18. MTSi
  19. Paradigm Technologies
  20. People Tec
  21. Qinetiq
  22. Snelling Staffing, LLC
  23. Techni-Core Network Services
  24. Tek Systems
  25. Tyonek
  26. United Space Alliance
  27. Venturi
  28. Will Technology
  29. Yulista Management Services/Aviation

This is not a cattle call job fair. This is a "We are Huntsville! We are a number one aerospace community  and we intend to stay that way job fair! It is time to get our citizens back to work and these folks have openings!"

HSP Job Fair PSA Announcement

Come out and support the companies, support HSP, support your local and state politicians, they have been working tirelessly on this effort as well.

If you have questions, or need assistance HSP members will be there to assist you. Do not hesitate to ask. This is a volunteer HSP community effort. See the links before for additional information.

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  • Terry Hurlbut - Creationism Examiner 5 years ago

    I'm surprised that anything other than government programs drove aerospace these days.

  • Chuck Douros 5 years ago

    I have friends on the left coast in California and Washington in the aerospace industry. They're holding their collective breath that it doesn't get worse.

  • Scott Knutson - Philly Mystical-Spirituality Exami 5 years ago

    There are a lot more companies involved in space than I thought.

  • montreal women's issues, health and mental health 5 years ago

    unemployment is a terrible thing, there are many job fairs going on all year in montreal as well.

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