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HSN hosts preview of its 'Maleficent' collection

HSN hosts preview of its 'Maleficent' collection

On April 29, was on the scene for a private preview of the "Maleficent" collection. HSN has been known to collaborate with many films and this season is no different. They will launch a new collection inspired by the Disney movie, "Maleficent," which showed a distinct rift by using light and dark tones throughout the collection. The selection is heavily focused on jewelry pieces from various designers of collections past as well as fresh perspectives.

The baubles have a vintage touch to them, as the story is a fairy tale, and there's something about an aged piece that makes it feel a touch nefarious. Other pieces featured the lighter side of the movie, with Aurora and nature inspired jewelry in the form of roses, vines, and delicate greenery. All of the jewelry is heavily bejeweled, appropriately so, to emphasize on the fairy tale magic.

The clothing selection consists of very wearable pieces consisting of various nudes, rose tones and purple. Standout pieces from the collection are from the line Timeless by Naeem Khan with textured leather jackets in various colors. There is a pebbled and square perforated texture in different colors such as purple, cream and grey for any occasion. The line also contributed fully embellished and bejeweled crop jackets for spring in a Natori also designed some sleep and lounge wear inspired by "Maleficent," with dark feather inspired shapes and prints on their slips and robes.

The collection will be available on on May 7 and the movie will premiere on May 30.