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HSN Cooks! and our guest-celebrity, Lorena Garcia

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We love Lorena Garcia, expert chef and all-round nice lady. She just has an air of professionalism marked with kindness about her. That’s why when HSN told us about her new product line—Lorena Bella™ Kitchen Collection—we said, “Yes”. And we received a Die-cast Aluminum Cookware Pan with TechnoloN+™. To begin, it is one of the loveliest, best-looking pans we’ve seen. It is lightweight with a great lid (glass and stainless steel), and the ceramic finish inside is very nice, you can wipe it clean with a napkin (of course, we wash ours). By the way, you can purchase it at

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And as if this weren’t enough, we did an interview with Lorena Garcia and her responses are as follows:

Q.: Did your mother/grandmother teach you recipes or influence your cooking?

L.: Yes they both did. My favorite recipe that my mom passed on to me is her black beans.

Q.: What dishes are indigenous to your region/hometown?

L.: Hallacas (tamales served at Christmas) Arepas, Cachapas, Cachitos, tequenos, y pabllon criollo (shredded meat, white rice, black beans and sweet plantains).

Q.: What is your favorite piece of kitchen equipment and why?

L.: My knives - I take them everywhere I go.

Q.: What is the one tool you cannot live without?

L.: My kitchen tongs, they are the extension of your hands while you’re cooking.

Q.: How does one get an “educated” palate?

L.: Being open-minded to trying different menu items and ingredients.

Q.: Do you use a lot of herbs or spices?

L.: Yes my go-to herbs and spices are cilantro, thyme, basil, parsley, cumin, ginger, and chillies.

Q.: How should a prep area be set up?

L.: Mis en place: all the utensils and ingredients you need in order to prepare a recipe.

Q.: Did you always aspire to become a chef?

L.: I always loved to cook and entertain but I realized I had the chance to be successful with something that I am passionate about.

Q.: What is your favorite meal?

L.: I love brunch because it's breakfast and lunch why not.

"I love brunch because it's breakfast and lunch why not."

Q.: How can cooks at home save more time, yet eat healthy?

L.: Plan, and prep on Sunday (bases, sofritos) and use tons of spices and herbs.

Q.: What is on the horizon for you?

L.: I am working on my next cookbook, designing my line of cookware at HSN, continuing working on my television shows and spending time with kids at Big Chef Little Chef.

Q.: Do you have a tip that is trend-setting right now?

L.: I've been focusing on creating new recipes that are gluten free utilizing pre-cooked corn flour and tapioca flour.

Q.:. How do you stay slim?

L.: I practice self-control and staying active. Running round the kitchen keeps me moving.

Q.: Do chefs share secrets?

L.: If you’re really good friends, yes!

Q.: How did you choose your products?

L.: I buy what's in season, and make sure they are at their ripe point to avoid adding sugars.

Q.: What is the one chef skill more valuable to you?

L.: My knife skills.

About Lorena Garcia:
Venezuelan born and raised, Celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia always had a passion for cooking and was surrounded by a long line of phenomenal cooks, but never considered it as a career path. Following in the footsteps of her family, at first, Lorena pursued law and earned a paralegal degree when her family moved to Miami, Florida. Along her journey she knew cooking was her destiny and earned a degree in culinary arts.