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HPV vaccine for boys could prevent five percent of all cancer

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Giving the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to boys and running a catch up vaccination program like the programs that are available for older teens and young women in Canada and Britain could prevent the majority of all cancers caused by HPV according to new research. Gillian Prue, from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen's University of Belfast and colleagues are responsible for this first of its kind research. The study was published in the July 29, 2014, edition of the British Medical Journal.

The research is based on study of 4,065 males aged 16-25. The incidence of genital warts caused by HPV was reduced and nearly eliminated in those young men that received the HPV vaccine. Likewise, the incidence of throat, neck, anal, and penile cancers in the test population was minimized in those men that received the HPV vaccine.

The incidence of cancer directly related to HPV has risen to account for five percent of all cancers in the last 20 years. The protection of men from HPV through vaccination also protects women from contracting HPV. Be they strictly heterosexual, strictly homosexual, or bisexual all boys would benefit from receiving the HPV vaccine. All citizens would benefit by paying a minimal amount for the vaccinations as opposed to the huge costs for treating cancer.

Enlightened countries like Britain and Canada offer the HPV vaccine to girls for free. The United States allows the HPV vaccine but acceptance is not 100 percent. The recent United States Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling that supports the “right” of an employee to refuse to provide birth control to a customer opens the door to a slippery slope. One could potentially expect a new suit filed that would give every physician the “right” to prevent “boys” and “girls” from receiving the HPV vaccine.

Religion or what passes for belief was a factor in the Supreme Courts decision. Unless the United States is very careful, we will doom generations to cancer and doom other generations to pay for that cancer. In the near future the religious can rejoice that they killed “whores” and “gays” by the thousands in the name of “god”.