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HP webOS 'PalmPad' tablet will have digital pen


HP prepares webOS tablet
Image source: HP

This column was the very first to report about HP's upcoming webOS tablet, which had the code name of "Hurricane." Now, it has been reported that tablet will officially be called the PalmPad, although my source from HP says that's not official either.

Our insider tells us that just like HP's tm series notebook, the webOS tablet will have a screen that recognizes a wacom pen while functioning as a capacitive touchscreen. That means the webOS tablet--unlike the iPad--will be an actual tablet. You will be able to take handwritten notes on it and easily search your notes. Let's hope the tablet has a program as useful as Microsoft's OneNote.

"Even though the iPad has done well, there is still a lot of dissatisfaction. It is not good for taking notes and it is not good for watching movies since Apple decided that people would rather have a square screen that was relevant ten years ago," says Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller. Let's hope that HP's new webOS tablet, whatever it ends up being called, will wind up in consumers' hands soon.

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  • R 4 years ago

    You spelled Wacom wrong.
    It's Wacom. Not Wecom.

  • Nima 4 years ago

    webos, flash, wacom, what more can I want?

  • Michael Smith 4 years ago

    R - it's 'wrongly', not 'wrong'. You're looking for an adverb there.

  • Daryl Deino 4 years ago

    R--thanks for the heads up. This is what happens when you are so excited to rush a story through. I made the correction.

  • Chuck 4 years ago

    This would be HUGE for art community. If you don't have a keyboard then you need a pen. No one "writes" or draws with their fingers... I cannot stand virtual keyboards.

  • H 4 years ago

    This sounds like something written by a apple hater. " an actual tablet" LOL.
    If apple did it wrong how are they still selling millions of iPads. Do your job and report the news not your opinion.

  • Jake 4 years ago

    If you see a pen they blew it.

  • Mike 4 years ago

    The news of a stylus is very much welcomed by me. I have both a WiFi and a WiFi + 3G iPad and although I am very satisfied with them and use them in a variety of ways, for me - note taking is one area where they simply don't shine.

    I think the "If you see a pen, they blew it" comment was directed at the overall experience they were going for. Most areas of use can work around not having fine control over input, but art and note taking are areas that can only get better with the precise input a stylus provides. I doubt he meant "If you see someone writing notes with a pen, they blew it"

  • scott 4 years ago

    I'm already drooling. I'll be there isn't an issue with flash either. I use an hp tablet in my business (real estate) and if I can do my job with a tablet I'll be smiling. I can hardly wait to see it.

  • PrepaidWirelessGuy 4 years ago

    Sounds promising! My only concerns with Palm, regardless of the HP ownership, is their lack of apps. I'm a Palm enthusiast, and have used them since the first US Robotics Palm Pilot 1000, so I'm really hopeful that they can succeed, however, I do have concerns. Apps are really important, and without developer support, I fear Android-based hardware (or Apple ;-), will always be the better option. I'm not about quantity of apps, but rather quality, but webOS simply doesn't have sufficient volume to be compelling. It's sad b/c Palm invented the 3rd party app environment with the PalmOS; they simply failed at porting it over to the handset app store, and lack of compatibility with existing PalmOS apps (I'm not counting Classic as a viable option due to performance and lack of ability to launch multiple cards, as well as lack of ability to take advantage of webOS functionality). It will be interesting to see what happens!

  • Lucas 4 years ago

    I'm calling foul on the anti iPad comments.

    First off, the 'if you see a pen' was a response to the days of devices where you had to have a pen or you couldn't operate the device. Thus the iOS line was made to not REQUIRE a pen.

    However, if you wish to use a pen, you must certainly can. They aren't that expensive. You can get a Pogo for about $15 and there are a ton of Pogo knockoffs on places like Amazon that sell in 2 and 3 packs for at most the same price.
    So HP isn't doing anything new with this pen or finger. Apple did it 3 years ago with the first iphone

  • RickRussellTX 4 years ago

    I've used the capacitive "stylus" with my iDevices, and... it's not like a real stylus, which usually has one or more buttons that you can use to trigger a click/open or perform other actions.

    There is definitely room for a "real" stylus solution in the iPad form factor, the real question is, will a PalmOS-based tablet get any kind of developer support? I suspect it will not be a popular development platform.

  • Fakeer 4 years ago

    if we are talking just about the stylus feature then Asus Tablet does fairly well. It surpasses in battery life, outdoor readability and hackability. I owened the iPad for only a week but the bashing of this phenomenal device is just plain dumb.

  • Furball 4 years ago

    From what I gather, this isn't just some capacitive type stylus. I guess you'd have to know what a Wacom tablet is before you make an opinion, eh?

    In any case, having the ability to write and have near-pixel accuracy would be a definite game changer here.

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