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HP recalls 6 million power cords for their laptops

It takes a bit of information, but you can determine online if your laptop is affected.
It takes a bit of information, but you can determine online if your laptop is affected.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall by Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday. The recall involves 6 million power cords on certain HP laptops, and replacements will be made. The affected models included HP or Compaq notebook computers, mini-notebooks or AC adapter-powered accessories purchased between Sept. 2010 and June 2012. The power cords involved in this recall have had 29 incidents of charring and burning with injuries reported in two cases. There were 13 of these reported cases that involved property damage.

Owners of devices which have these defective cords are warned to unplug and discontinue use immediately. The computers can be used on battery power, however. To determine if your laptop is one of those affected by the recall, the first step is to check the letters and numbers imprinted on the plug. This is the plug that plugs into the rectangular box from the outlet. If it is imprinted with LS-15, you need to go to this interactive page provided by HP to determine if your specific power cord is defective. Not all cords imprinted with LS-15 will be included in the recall.

The pull-down menu on the HP page will gather information about your device and specifically the power cord unit.You will need to have the serial number of your device to continue. If for some reason you do not have it handy, you can type the following into the command prompt box (C prompt) accessed through the start menu.

c:\>wmic bios get serialnumber

This should provide the serial number that you need to proceed. The interactive form uses two different ways to get the identifying information off the cord. If you have questions, there are photos available. If your cord is part of the recall, you will be instructed on how to get a replacement sent to you.