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Hoyt Robinette amazes Santa Fe with his gift of physical mediumship

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A couple of newsletters back I mentioned the materialization medium Hoyt Robinette, who recently conducted séances here in Santa Fe, and I want to share what an amazing experience it was to see him. Physical materialization mediumship is a rare phenomenon, in which the medium produces physical evidence of spiritual and psychic phenomenon. Hoyt’s special gift is that somehow through him, pictures of spirit guides as well as writing, appear on blank index cards while he’s connected to the spiritual plane.

I was in the room and saw it all! And so was my girlfriend, an architect with keen powers of perception, and we sat on opposite sides of the room to observe. In the two hours that we were in the room with 20 other people, Hoyt Robinette, eyes taped and blindfolded, gave an amazing display of psychic reading and mediumship at a rapid-fire pace, naming peoples’ relatives and loved ones, answering questions on pieces of paper he held folded in his hand—but that’s nothing compared to what else was happening through his mediumistic channeling ability, while he was giving the readings.

Before Hoyt’s eyes were taped and blindfolded, he put blank index cards, stacked alternately with colored pens, in a tightly woven basket. Everyone was shown the empty woven basket, the pens, and the unopened package of blank cards before they went in. Hoyt stacked the basket with alternating layers of pens and blank cards, lying horizontally until the basket was full and tightly packed, and then the lid was fastened.

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