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#HowTo: Hone your personal style

Harley Viera-Newton has the It girl style down pat.

We're all about honing your personal style, but if you're married to a dress code for work or stuck in an all-black phase, it can be difficult to take that leap of faith -- even if it's only for your wardrobe. The key is to move slowly. Like designing a fabulous space, a well-crafted closet doesn't happen with one shopping spree. It takes months and sometimes years, of curating pieces that you love and feel fantastic in, wherever you're headed that day.

1. Start with basics. High quality solid pieces in neutrals in shapes that are go-to for your figure. If you're a curvy woman, this may be a wrap dress, if you're petite, this could be a straight skirt that works for multiple occasions. Examine what you already wear a lot of and invest in better versions of it.

2. Don't get wrapped up in the do's and don'ts. You may notice above we mentioned a wrap dress for the curvy figure. Ignore what every magazine and fashion blog says about the do's and don'ts for your shape and buy what you know you will wear. Most importantly, buy what you feel comfortable and confident wearing.

3. Buy the offbeat...once in awhile. Some of us have an affinity for funky '70s prints. Others love dresses that mimic the hues of Easter eggs. Whatever your offbeat love is, do yourself and favor and indulge in a few pieces that will set your basics apart from everyone else.

4. Create an inspiration log. It can be cutouts from magazines, your tumblr account or your Pinterest. Have a place where you keep images of style and fashion inspiration that you can see yourself wearing. This way when the shopping bug bites, you have a clear path for what to buy.

5. Shop often. Learn the art of shopping often. This doesn't mean you buy with every web browse or window shopping trip. It means you're always scouring the market for pieces that will help you hone your personal style. For budget shoppers, this is one of the best ways to fill voids in your closet for a reasonable price.

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