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Howling good time at Wolf Park in battleground Indiana.

Rural Indiana farm lands steadily appear on the horizon as my jeep makes it way down a Two lane highway. Passing through one time zone into another and then back to the original time zone from Michigan. Dark gray rain clouds loom overhead and pour down, While my GPS device keeps telling me to turn right then go straight ahead.
The Large wooden sigh with yellow lettering catches my eye and a bring the jeep to a stop, Wolf Park ahead, Finally I have made it and I am only an hour later then I had thought, Time zone changes take and give.
I meet my tour guide Monty Sloan at the front entrance and we begin the stroll around the park. The grounds are nicely landscaped with well kept trails and walk ways. My first encounter was the gray foxes. My guide Monty was greeted with the unique chatter from the foxes as they poked their heads out of their dens to see who had come to visit. A female fox lounged onto of her den long enough for me to take a few pictures and then as her other two companions had done, she disappeared back into her dark den for a morning nap.
As we wondered further down the trail Monty told me of the interesting history of the wolf park, How the once farm was bought by Dr. Klinghammer and his want to do research on birds there but after finding he had an allergy to birds. He took in two wolves from brookfield zoo in Chicago. That began the legacy of Wolf park.
We cross a bridge and are soon in front of the enclosure of Three large wolves. Dharma the female sat up on her house den. A wooden structure with room for two on it's roof. She watched us with mild interest before the two males came walking by the fence where we stood. Wolfgang and his companion made a display of greeting and then resumed their morning activities.
Monty and I stood watching them for several minutes when Monty asked if I would like to hear them howl. I eagerly answered yes and got the video option on my phone ready. Dharma was the first to answer back and the the rest of the wolves, Then the coyotes and finally the foxes adding in their voices to the song. For five minutes they all took turns howling and vocalizing. Then all was quite again and we were headed down the path to meet the rest of the wolves.
It was interesting to find out that wolves suffer from many of the problems that domesticate dogs do, Cancer, Cataracts, hip and elbow problems. Even when fed a diet of deer these issues are still found in the wolves.
We make our way to the enclosure of Fiona a smaller dark Gray female and Bicho and Kanti, her bigger blond brothers. All three came up to the front of the enclosure to see us. Then each one took turns jumping on and off the wolf house den. All of these wolves have clean enclosure and beautiful healthy coats.
I glance to the side and spot the coyotes, Twister and willow in their enclosure. Coyotes have a different personality. They always seem busy and observing. Even when they seem to ignore you. They did come to the front of the enclosure and watched us and we watched them, but then soon ignored us and we finished our tour.
The Wolf parks offers workshops and seminars on wolves and canines.
A complete list can be seen here

Wolves, coyotes and foxes!
Wolves, coyotes and foxes!
shetan noir
Wolfpark in battle ground Indiana
Shetan Noir

Also offered is a Howl night after dark and seminars on photography,

For more information on wolf park please go to

Wolf Park
4004 E 800 N
Battle Ground, IN 47920
(765) 567-2265

SUMMER OPEN HOURS: open Tuesday-Sunday from 1:00-5:00 pm for guided tours.
On Fridays and Saturdays reopen from 7:30-9:00 pm for Howl Night! Combo tickets are available!
Closed Mondays.

Children 5 & under Free
Children 6-13 $6.00
14 and older $8.00

Also check out the gift shop where you can buy some of Monty's beautiful photography

Monty Sloan
Wolf Park

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