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Howie Mandel: LA restaurant sues celebrity over extensive damages

Howie Mandel has many handles; actor, comedian and television producer. He currently has a hit show called “Deal With It” that aired in disaster for a Los Angeles restaurant. The show‘s hidden camera revealed more than just the usual pranks that were scheduled for that show.

Howie Mandel and crew damage restaurant property during a prank!
Craig Barritt

The Los Angeles restaurant, the Cowboys and Turbans was the establishment where a prank was played on Mandel’s show. This incident occurred in Oct. 2013 and according to MSN on Jan. 31 the events of the prank went too far for everyone’s comfort.

The restaurant owner is now seeking damages plus legal fees against Howie Mandel and his show’s crew in the amount of $103,408 as well as legal fees. There was damage to patio heaters, furniture as well as a Yamaha piano that was in the restaurant. The lawsuit also includes TBS which is the television network that backs the production of Howie Mandel’s show, “Deal With It”.

Pranks have been aired by this show and many others for fun, amusement and to just get reactions from people, groups or various establishments. Pranks should be done with class and not intentionally done to create damage to another’s property. That wasn’t the case this time and the restaurant owner was appalled by the damage that was left behind without even an apology from the crew and star of the show. He is forced to take action to replace and repair his property and restaurant, ergo the suit. It is a shame that this had to occur and extreme actions have to be taken to resolve this issue.

Whatever were they thinking when things got out of hand?

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