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Howard Stern deeply regrets his 'immature' behavior towards Robin Williams

Howard Stern is filled with regret about his history with Robin Williams.
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

Robin Williams' suicide rocked the entertainment industry this week, and Howard Stern is no exception. Stern commented on Williams' death on Tuesday's Howard Stern Show, expressing regret about using Williams like a "prop" when he appeared on the show back in 1986. Hear the original interview clips here

Williams appeared on the Howard Stern Show when both he and Stern had yet to become industry superstars. While Stern has become one of the most skilled celebrity interviewers in radio, back when he was getting started, he was notorious for his invasive interviewing style, prying into celeb's most intimate moments while broadcasting live.

Stern had this to say Tuesday regarding his interview with Williams:

"Back in those days I really felt [that] I wasn’t being malicious, but I felt a lot of pressure when a guest would come in … I never could give the microphone fully over to a guest and even allow my curiosity about a person [to] come through … Anyone who was in my studio was just a prop for me … I was a bit of an asshole in a lot of ways with guests. I wasn’t rude with Robin Williams, but I asked some questions that perhaps went into areas that he had enough of … I think my whole demeanor and attitude was just sh**ty. I wasn’t trying to be mean to Robin Williams. I was just trying to be provocative and interesting for the audience, and doing what it is that I thought had to be done. And I was an immature asshole. And so that always haunted me … and then I kind of filed it away and forgot about it."

Hear Howard Stern's complete tribute to Robin Williams here

Williams was found dead in his Tiburon, California home on Monday in an apparent suicide. He was 63.

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