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Howard Stern birthday: Bombshell wife steals the cake at celeb filled party

Get ready to gasp, Howard Stern has turned 60! Well that might not be news to his minions, and millions of listeners, but it happened and it was celebrated on Friday. Stars gathered at the Hammerstein Ballroom to give the "shock-jock" their condolences.

Howard Stern gives New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie a big hug for showing up for his 60th birthday bash.
CBS New York/Getty Images

Among the glitterati were David Letterman, Adam Levine, Rosie O'Donnell, Steven Tyler and Robert Downey Jr., according to the Daily News, Jan. 31. But none looked better than his adoring wife Beth.

And yes, for obvious reasons, "Tan Mom" was there sprawled in all her glory! At least there were the other guests that included Jon Bon Jovi, Jimmy Kimmell and even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Dave Grohl and Barbara Walters walked in empty-handed as did all the guests, but that was the plan. The birthday bash was thrown by SiriusXM Radio.

Stern's birthday was actually on Jan. 12, but the celebration Friday night was the real deal. Howard married Beth in 2008, who recently told the News that he writes her love letters every day.

Hard-nosed Stern even called those writings "beautiful". Then again, as he said to TMZ while walking in to his gala celebration, "I write dick jokes."

Happy Birthday Howard!

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