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Howard Stern asks Anderson Cooper about brother's suicide, Fox vs. CNN

Howard Stern gets Anderson Cooper to open up about a dark time in his life, about his brother's suicide.
Howard Stern gets Anderson Cooper to open up about a dark time in his life, about his brother's suicide.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Anderson Cooper appeared on Howard Stern and he opened up about what most would consider a dark event and one that Cooper said had shaped his life. He talked about his brother’s suicide. While Stern doesn’t seem to be able to go on for too long in a serious mode, while questioning Cooper on his brother’s suicide, he stayed on a steady course of empathy.

According to on March 31, Stern started off by shooting right from the hip. He was ready for Cooper to diagnosis the problem at CNN, asking him why the ratings are so low over there. He also asked him why Fox News continues to dominate the ratings.

Cooper bit and gave him an honest observation on his part. He did a good job at explaining the problem, which is basically CNN isn’t ready to go where Fox News does when anchoring the news. Fox is ready to entertain when news is comes up as just mediocre for the day. Cooper said:

"I do think in cable news, the networks that have strong opinions-so whether you are a conservative network like Fox or a liberal network like MSNC-when there's not a huge news story going on, they're entertaining and that's what people tune into. It seems CNN has done well when there is some big news happening and people are tuning in to see what is going on. It's a difficult place to be in when there isn't a major news story going on."

He’s right, even on a dull morning for news, the folks at “Fox and Friends” offer up some entertainment with the mundane news that’s out there on one of those dull days.

Cooper shared a big private part of his life when he answered some questions for Stern on his brother’s suicide. When Stern asked Cooper about his brother's suicide, he didn’t seem to hesitate to go back to the time when he learned his brother had taken his own life.

"It's interesting. The week after he killed himself I went to his apartment and I was taking a cab back to my apartment. Because I hadn't left...there were reporters outside waiting to get pictures. And someone on the radio said [how could someone rich kill themselves] and it was so odd. I don't understand how someone could see it that way. It still shapes my life. It's not the first thing that I think about when I wake up, but there isn't a day that goes by. That's the thing about suicide, it suddenly injects this language and vocabulary into your life that's always there. It's why if your parent commits suicide, it's more likely that you will kill yourself. It injects that into your life"

One might think that Stern and Cooper make strange bedfellows for an interview, but they actually appear to complement each other as interviewer and the person being interviewed. Stern asked tough questions, but he asked a couple of questions that got Cooper talking enough for fans to see a piece of him that they haven't before. That constitutes a good interview for sure.

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