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Howard Stern: Anderson Cooper tells radio host shocking secrets during interview

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Anderson Cooper, the popular CNN anchor has returned to bare his soul to the public by revealing shocking secrets of his intimate life to Howard Stern on his radio show. Cooper surprised everyone back in July 2012 when he announced a secret: "The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud," he said in an interview with the columnist for The Daily Beast and activist for gay rights, Andrew Sullivan.

Now he has revealed yet another secret: he received sexual solicitations from a man when he was younger. Gossip Cop's report on April 1 says that he told Howard Stern...“I got propositioned by a photographer.” He continued, “he somehow got my number, called me up, and offered me money. It so freaked me out… I never told anybody, I just stopped.”

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He also talked about his heritage as the son of famous parents and explained that his white hair is not dyed and that he's had grey hair since he was in early twenties. The popular journalist and author was sincere in the long interview granted to radio host Howard Stern.

Cooper also revealed to Stern that he knew he was gay since he was five years old but only told his secret to his mother and close friends when he was in high school.

Regarding his relationship with ​​boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, his partner for five years, he stated that they are monogamous even though they are often separated throughout most of the year. "I was always a relationship person. I'm a traditional guy," Cooper said.