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Howard Stern a cat lover? Shock Jock has fostered over 50 kittens in past year

Howard Stern and felines isn’t the typical thought when it comes to the shock jock. Known as slightly irreverent and over the top, the star doesn’t seem to be the type of person who would open his home to dozens of cats. According to "Today" on Monday, that is exactly what Howard Stern has been doing. Sharing details about the upcoming Kitten Bowl, Beth Stern revealed her husband takes an active role in fostering cats.

The idea of helping so many cats at one house might sound crazy, but the couple has a genuine interest in saving the animals. With several cats that are permanent parts of the family, the couple does take time to make sure the cats are found good homes.

With all the cat hoopla around Beth Stern’s house it seems only right that she would decide to host the premiere of the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel on February 2. It’s the same day as the Super Bowl, except the players in this game are far cuter, have more hair and offer up a reason to coo at the television.

This means on Super Bowl Sunday there will be a Puppy Bowl, NFL game and now a Kitten Bowl. As long as we can snack watching whatever program, it’s good to be flipping the channels on Sunday!

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