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How your drug free child ends up a heroin addict over night

A recent article in The NEW Yorker stated, “By 2010, the United States, with about five per cent of the world’s population, was consuming ninety-nine per cent of the world’s hydrocodone (the narcotic in Vicodin), along with eighty per cent of the oxycodone (in Percocet and OxyContin), and sixty-five per cent of the hydromorphone (in Dilaudid) “.

Heroin addiction in American teens has become as common as baseball and apple pie. Have you ever wondered why this is such a national epidemic?

A common case to see in a rehab setting is a young person addicted to heroin. Often times this is due to pain pills being prescribed for a sport’s injury or any accident. It is not uncommon to see an adolescent with no prior history of drug use before the injury.

The pharmaceutical companies have come out with stronger pain pills then were available in past generations. They have aggressively marketed these drugs for pain treatment. It does not take long for your adolescent to end up with an addiction. Often times by the time the Doctor is done treating the injury the teen is already addicted to pain pills.

The problem is the treating physician has now cut off the injured client’s pain medication. Johnny has now been sent home with no medication. He cannot afford the high price of pain pills and turns to heroin.

Many parents do not even see the addiction coming. The adolescent might try to buy the pain pills on the street at a high cost. Heroin is about the only comparable high to the pain pills and it is readily available in our schools.
If your child is being prescribed pain pills for any injury, it is important to be on top of the situation. Some Dr.’s can be more liberal in their prescribing habits. Pain management specialists are used to prescribing high doses of these medications. Depending on the injury your adolescent can be on pain medicine for quite some time.

A parent can get a second opinion; ask for less potent pain medication, request acupuncture, hypnosis for pain etc. Far too many parents are missing how easily it is to lose a child over night to addiction. Pain is a perception of the mind. Perceptions can be changed by combining NLP and hypnosis.

A new DNA test can also be done to see how well a person can metabolize pain medications by the liver. This test runs about 1,000 dollars and only needs to be done once. A person who does not metabolize pain medication will often be given higher and higher doses to treat their pain. If their liver would have been able to metabolize it they would not have ended up on such high doses which can quickly lead to addiction.

Stay on top of your loved one’s injury and pain medication!

His or her life depends on it!

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