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How you use data is important

How you use data is important

As consumers flock to the mobile device market, there has been a major uptick in online purchasing. Consumers have unprecedented access to retailers and product information, and that is resulting in an exploding consumer packaged goods market.

Along with this upswing in purchases comes an upswing in consumer data. The amount of data generated by one major big-box retailer’s online operation is equivalent to 50 million filing cabinets full of text. This information can be quite valuable, but how should a retailer use that information?

Once collected, this data can be analyzed and a sales strategy can be mapped out. It just takes someone who understands how to interpret the patterns in the data to make sense of it and to form a strategy with it. Learn more about big data and how to use it from this helpful infographic. After all, it’s not how much data you have, but how you use it that counts.