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How you may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table

One line on every receipt can bring e-mail list sign-ups, and that means repeat customers.
One line on every receipt can bring e-mail list sign-ups, and that means repeat customers.
Epson TM-T88IV (Photo: Business Wire)

What if you found out that your business was leaving thousands of dollars on the table each year? Worse yet, what if you had a goldmine that you had never tapped into?

Chances are good that your business has some kind of website. Websites can be anything from a simple template that you or a family member built, to a professional, optimized site produced by a professional web design company or advertising agency, that could cost hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. If you don't have a way to capture the e-mail addresses of website visitors and encourage brick and mortar location visitors to sign up for your e-mail list, you are potentially losing money by not staying in touch with them and continuing to market to them.

Everyone hates spam, but you will not be spamming. Your website and in-store visitors will  voluntarily sign up for your mailing list. Your content and coupons will go to an audience that has done business with you in the past, or is pre-disposed to purchase your product or service. Capturing website visitor e-mails is simple with the right program. You may have heard advertising for Constant Contact, which captures and organizes e-mail lists, and has templates to make your outgoing e-mails look professional. It even allows you to design a coupon. Another company offering a similar service is AWeber. Both will keep you compliant with the anti-spamming Can Spam law (this means e-mails must come from a real e-mail address, a real company with a physical address, and the subscriber is able to easily remove him or herself from the list). 

What about those physical store visitors. Can-spam does not allow you to take e-mail addresses at that location and add them to your e-mail list. What almost all businesses can do is place an invitation on cash register and credit card receipts. It might read "Sign up at for special discounts". Your merchant account and cash register companies can make that change for you.

All types of businesses can take advantage of e-mail marketing. An attorney might provide everyday legal tips. A realtor may include tips on finding the right home and mortgage. A doctor or dentist might have a special list with tips for patients who just underwent surgery. The ideas are endless.

In an economy like the one we are in, it pays to not allow a single sales opportunity to go by.


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