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How you can support dance in the Houston area

For a dedicated dancer, going to dance performances, fundraisers, and taking class often is second nature. In order to feed from dance, they have to help it grow. However, the dance community needs assistance in order to really see dance blossom. Houston has a rich dance cultural community, and it is important we support it and preserve it. With the current frail economy, the arts have suffered cuts in funding—and dance in no exception. Dance is great entertainment, but it as also an important, beautiful art form that can enrich your life. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Go to a performance—What better way to support dance than to go see it!  Visit  for a listing of cultural events in the Houston area, including dance performances.
  2. Volunteer—contact local dance companies or dance studios. They often need help backstage with shows. Also, if there a large number of children in their programs, then they will need help watching over them.
  3. Go to fund raising events—Dance companies will often hold fund raising events for their programs, including Cocktail hours. These are fun events that
  4. Take a dance class! Always wanted to learn to dance, and never had the chance to? It’s not too late! There are dance studios and community centers that have beginner adult classes anyone can join. Often you do not have to commit to a whole year of classes, just show up to one and enjoy a great alternative to keeping healthy and fit. Here are just a few studios worth checking out:

           5.    Finally, you can support dance outreach programs in the
area.  Many dance companies work really hard to expose underprivileged and at-risk children to dance.  These programs help children grow in a fun, safe and creative manner.  By donating a small amount directly to a dance company, you can help.  For a great listing of dance companies in the Houston Area, check out Dance Houston.

So get out there are enjoy the enrichment supporting dance can offer!


  • Vipul H. Divecha 5 years ago

    Suchu Inc, who owns and operates Barnevelder Complex/Movement ( along with Suchu Dance ( finished hosting the eight annual Big Range Dance Festival, a festival held here in Houston showcasing some of the best and rising talents in contemporary dance. There is a website for more information.

    You can also check out as an example of modern dance in Houston.

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