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How you can help a friend overcome alcoholism recovery issues

How you can help a Friend Overcome Alcoholism Recovery Issues
How you can help a Friend Overcome Alcoholism Recovery Issues
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If you think your friend who has just come home from alcohol rehab can hurdle the difficulties in facing a brand new life—think again! A positive outcome is always expected and a fresh start is a tall order.

Somehow, there are things that can get in the way which can hamper the process and this is what makes it hard for the individual. Nevertheless, a friend is a treasure whom you cannot just leave alone to find his way home. You ought to do something like guide him in the earlier stages of recovery to get him back on his feet again.

Here are a few reminders for you to start with:

  • You should be armed with facts on how to treat recovering alcoholics.

  • You must know how to handle your friend.

  • You must have lots of patience.

Among the things that you can do is to offer assistance where you deem it necessary. Your friend would, most likely, cling to you for emotional support as you are one person who knows him well aside from his family; so, take advantage of that. Start slowly by introducing him to different situations. Ask him how he thinks of himself after rehab. If there’s a positive answer, then, you can advance and use the following scheme:

  1. Emotional guidance - Behavioral changes happen before and after recovery and this is what you have to take note of. An individual may have developed a different attitude towards life and this is one result of substance addiction that has to be taken up with utmost care. You don’t want to end up bickering about a thing which you want done and the other party is not yet ready to take on. Be wary of the words you use as it may earn an adverse reaction. Make him feel that you are worthy of his trust and remind him that what you do is for his sake.

  2. Inject a huge dose of determination - List down your observations on a small notebook once you get home to be able to deal with him better on your next visit. That would be your starting point in helping him live a normal life but at the same time, make him aware that losing you is easy once he deviates from what is expected of him. Make a bet on how fast he can recover. This is a good motivational tactic that friends of long standing have used back in time but still helpful.

  3. Find extra support - If you think that your advice is not enough, or your friend needs to see people who are incredibly good at dealing with this matter, there are many establishments that are effective in solving the remaining issues of sober living. Allow yourself to act as your friend’s stepping stone to aid him further in reaching his goal by means of finding a support venue that is appropriate for his case.

The dangers within a regular environment differ from that of a rehabilitation center or a sober living home. There are thousands of concrete evidences of threats against substance abuse and these we see as we travel from and back to our homes. How can we remedy this scenario? We can’t.

These are places, ideas and things sold to cater willing preys and wise businessmen obtain profit out of the trade. Therefore, what can you do to counter this? Get hold of your friend and create a stronger bond for him to stay on the better side of the society.

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