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How you can communicate engagement with employees

The business that practices consistent communication throughout it organization always demonstrates higher levels of employee engagement. Those businesses are typically more successful.

Consider the value to your business of

  • Consciously improving communication among employees.
  • Gaining clear awareness of how employees perceive their work and workplace.
  • Identifying a new employee's or candidate's preferences regarding work style.
  • Knowing specific behaviors (above and beyond just skills) each employee contributes to your business.

Here are two simple steps to acquiring those values:

Know Your Style.
What is your primary style of communicating? You may know what it is, but you may not be able to express it or label it. You may wish to consider a communication-style (behavior) assessment. The most common types are DISC assessments, offered by a number of vendors. Myer Briggs, by the way, is a personality assessmentthat looks at much more than just communication. A quality DISC assessment can be completed online in less than 30 minutes and provides a thorough, detailed personal report.

Know Each Employee's Style.
Communication is a 2-person action. It pays to know the other person's style, as you know your own. Your entire workforce can complete a communication-style assessment. A workshop explaining the results and including mini-case studies that show how to use the information gained is beneficial. Follow-on reminders of the "language" the assessment introduces help insure its application among your people.

For low cost in time, energy and money, you can improve  communication throughout your business. Improved communication means improved results!


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