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How would you like your eggs: Celebrate National Egg Day

According to holidays on, June 3 is National Egg Day. Eggs are a terrific source of protein and vitamin D, which makes them one of the healthiest breakfast foods. There are more than a hundred ways to cook an egg. Some of the most popular varieties are scrambled, fried, poached, hard-boiled, sunny-side up, and over-easy for breakfast. Not only are eggs eaten at breakfast, they are served in other foods throughout the day.

June 3 is National Egg Day
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

While the eggs that Americans typically consume come from chickens, a wide range of poultry such as like ducks and geese provide tasty gourmet egg varieties. Quail eggs, for example, are considered a delicacy in many countries.

Chicken eggs are widely used in many types of cooking. Dishes that use eggs range from both sweet to savoury dishes. Eggs are versatile, that means they can be used and cooked in many different ways. They can be pickled; hard-boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled, fried and refrigerated; or eaten raw. Roasted eggs are used at the Jewish holiday of Passover Eating raw eggs is not recommended for people who may be likely to catch to salmonella, such as the elderly, the infirm, or pregnant women.

Cooking does not change the taste of eggs, or the way they look. The body can use about 91% of the protein of a cooked eggs, nearly twice as much as from a raw egg.

To celebrate National Egg Day, enjoy eating an egg today any way you like it. You can use your favorite egg recipe for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

To test your knowledge of how eggs are cooked, take this short quiz.

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