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How would you create a socially healthy society?

Imagine that you are given the vice of creation. Create a society that functions better than any other and share your idea with the Sacramento African American Issues Examiner via email.

Take time in this project and be creative. Be sure to think about how one social component in society supports or maligns all the other societal functions/components.

What will be the central focus of your society?

How much of your society will be similar to the way current United States social system works?

Talk about some of your beliefs. Is working more important than familial relationships? Should there be a marginalized group of people who either bask in the rewards of wealth or in contrast, a marginalized group who suffer at the bottomless depth of poverty? Why or why not?

How will systems of education be implemented in your society?

Try to imagine a world where one can have anything they ask for so long as they agree in contract to provide the physical labor for such assets. Do you think this type of world can exist? Why or why not?

Propose and answer ideas such as the following: If every person had a vehicle, how would traffic and traffic laws change? How could a traffic system function if most every person had an automobile?

Is society ready to merge more heavily into flying? Could you imagine a system where there is heavy flight traffic? What would some of the pro's and con's be in such a system?

Persons with ideas in creating a technocracy society are highly encouraged to participate.

It's your world, create it.

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