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Embrace your passion
Embrace your passion

You could have every talent you ever imagined and be extraordinary at each one. You would have this ability from May to September. Then from October to April, you would lose this ability, and your talents would go into hibernation. Would you choose to have the four months of extraordinary talent or an entire year of being mediocre?

How would you answer? Would you select four months of extreme talent and eight months of no talent? Or would you choose to be average? The majority of people who answered this question would choose to be engaged in life all twelve months, even though it met they would only be common at best.

I would take the four months of extraordinary talent in a heartbeat. The high of being unsurpassed, in my opinion, would be greater, than the extra time given to be run- of- the- mill.

Think about your answer…. It is a challenging question…

A talent is a defined as “a natural endowment.” We all have something that we can do extraordinarily well…have you discovered your innate talent yet?

How to find your talent:

1. Ask your friends to tell you what they see as your strengths.

2. Figure out what you are most passionate about.

3. Take inventory of things you have done that other have complimented you on.

4. Shape your talent and passion into a goal

5. Meet professionals who share your talent.

6. Once you discover your extraordinary gift, develop it, and live the life you are naturally supposed to live.

Many people find themselves searching to discover who they are. They struggle against themselves by not letting their natural talent shape his or her life. You must nurture, share, and believe in your talents. They will serve you and the world well.

I know a man who is a multitalented creative person, and I am in awe of all his abilities and gifts. I have often wondered how some people, like this amazing man, are able to do everything, and do it perfectly. Upon research, I found scientists have discovered all creative people have multiple talents. These multitalented people, have learned the art of how to master a skill.

Accept your talents as a gift given especially to you. Embrace your passion. Use your talents to inspire, and use your talents to find your happiness.

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