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How women are the only weakness 'House of Lies' Marty Kaan seems to have

Actors Don Cheadle and Nia Long arrive at an exclusive screening and panel discussion with Showtime's 'Hou$e Of Lie$' at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on June 6, 2013 in North Hollywood, Calif.
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No one burns a bridge quite as well as Marty Kaan on "House of Lies." He's cringed at his son Roscoe Kaan's curious sexuality. He makes fun of his father's relationship with a younger woman and claims there must be an Amber Alert out to find her. He's rolled his eyes at his co-worker/now partner Jeannie Van Der Hooven confessing her love for him. And he's challenged more bosses, clients and co-workers in four seasons than most people do in their whole lives.

And yet viewers still love that magnetic character that actor Don Cheadle has perfected. But why is that?

Because every time Marty Kaan appears to be the tin man without a heart, the sociopath does something out of character like on last night's episode. He finally had sex with actress Kristen Bell's character Jeannie Beanie (the nickname that Kaan & Associates' workers love to call his partner-in-crime) and told her after the sex was over that he loved her. Wha-what? Even Jeannie joked that men are supposed to do that before the sex, not after.

He's had a curious time with women through all four seasons. How can one forget the first episode of season one when he realized he'd just slept with his ex-wife Monica Talbot by verifying her nether region instead of her face? Or, Roscoe refusing to talk to him after Marty ruined a relationship with stripper-girlfriend April by sleeping with Monica again?

And although Monica may be as vulgar as a woman can possibly be -- who can forget the finger sniffing scene with Marty's brother Malcolm Kaan? -- two women seem to be an even bigger challenge for him and they always came in the form of business relationships.

His first weakness is Jeannie, who is equal to him when it comes to marketing and her nonchalant way of sleeping with anyone to get ahead. His second weakness is Nia Long's character Tamara who he actually bowed down to momentarily. If you blinked, you missed it, but it did happen during a business dinner table scene with an anti-Internet client.

Of course Tamara's greed screwed up the business and personal relationship with Marty and her own husband, but she succeeded in proving that Marty is weak for women with relentless business savvy. And she put Jeannie on high alert that there may actually be a woman who has more pull than she does.

No matter how contumacious he is with his own professional relationships, Marty has inexplicable faith in women righting all the wrongs of the world. Turns out his idealistic way of looking at love is about as even as his views on the criminal justice system. Instead of going to the police with his suspicion of Dre Collins having Lukas Frye killed, he went to Dre's wife (played by Bridgid Coulter) who confirmed that she and Dre acted as a murder team. And even after he found that out, he still didn't go to the police station. He went home to try to sleep the day away and ended up with a surprise visit from Jeannie.

And after last night's episode, Jeannie may have finally won the queen's crown. Blame it on Marty saving her life and chipping her tooth during the murder scene of Lukas. Or blame it on Marty finally realizing there is no way to change Monica's bizarre personality after their latest sexual rendezvous and giving up on trying to change any woman. Or, he could blame sleeping with Jeannie on liquor. Maybe all three.

It is a bit odd that Jeannie would immediately want to fall into the arms of Marty after she'd slept with Lukas Frye repeatedly, but it's not like she didn't make it known that she was attracted to Marty at Doug Guggenheim's wedding.

Lukas being killed soon after Jeannie promised another client to find out dirt on him could lead the FBI to sniff around Kaan & Associates. Could this be what Monica was talking about when it comes to seeing the other side of Jeannie? Now that he's slept with her, will he think Jeannie is all about the money or view her as a mirror image of himself and embrace her, flaws and all?

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