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How will Resurrection end this season

Resurrection Cast
Resurrection Cast
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

More continue to return on Resurrection. The show is finally back on track for the first time since the first two episodes of the season. Of course, it is not a surprise that they are saving the best for the last two episodes of the season. Most shows are doing that more and more these days. The question is if enough viewers kept with the show long enough to even be watching any longer.
The show began to lose its edge and mystery when people stopped returning. Other than the few people we knew about, there was no one else. It was strange, but not a large event. Now, not only are people returning to surviving loved ones, but others from earlier years, and different centuries are returning.
The first we see is the family that Jacob was feeding. It was a black family. A mother, father, and daughter needed food to survive and Jacob came to the rescue, when he found out that they were like him. What is more curious is the fact that they all returned, apparently together.
The next guy is the guy who comes into the police station. He was traveling to town and was shocked that the road was suddenly paved. He asked how they could possibly do that so fast. He looked like he was about to have a panic attack he was so confused. Then he pointed to the computer screen and asked what that was. He took a seat to try to calm himself down.
The police station suddenly begins to get numerous phone calls. People calling to say people are trying to break into their homes, saying that they actually live there. Suddenly everyone is returning all at once.
Rachel, the preacher’s old girlfriend, has already returned to town once. She was killed for a second time, but later in the episode she returns, again. This is another strange turn of events. Can these people ever die?
The sheriff thinks that since everyone else is returning that maybe his wife has also. He rushes home, but she is nowhere to be seen. We follow his daughter as she travels to the place she knows her mother will be. Before she died, the mother cheated on the now sheriff. The daughter finds her mother there. She has returned, as we have known since the first few episodes.
There are now hundreds of returned individuals traveling about. How many are there? Do any of them know why they have returned? What are they here to do?
In the preview they hint towards Jacob being in danger now that so many have returned and drawn attention to the situation. What will happen next? How will the season end?

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