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How Will Florida Regulate Medical Marijuana

How Will Florida Regulate Medical Marijuana
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The November ballot in Florida will have Amendment 2 included. It is the constitutional law that will allow voters to say yes or no to medical marijuana in the State of Florida. Right at this moment in the latest poll some 88% of all Floridians are going to vote yes on medical marijuana. That's great and that's what most of us want. Here is the problem, how to dispense it to the people who need it.

In the past some states have allowed people to grow it personally and have put limits on it. Some states have allowed dispensaries to deliver the weed to the patient. They get a doctor's prescription and they get to have marijuana.

In California that way got a little out of hand. People could walk in off the street and say that they had a headache and they could leave with some bud. This is not the way that Florida wants to handle this. Florida has until next Summer to get its act together in how they handle this. See, it is a given that this amendment will pass. How we dispense it is the problem.

Dispensary locations seem to be the way to go. How many and where to locate them is what is in question. Most people don't want them near churches or schools or even day care centers. They don't feel comfortable with people who have felonies or criminal records.

Some have taken notice to what Massachusetts has done with inventory control. They can track it from seed to plant to sale. Nevada wants each batch tested for quality control and most in Florida are in favor of that.

Florida is looking at severe or strong prosecution of those that break the laws concerning medical marijuana. Officials don't want a dispensary to become a trafficker. There are those who are totally against having medical marijuana in the State of Florida and that is cool. That's why we get to vote. However, since it is a touchy subject, I feel that even though these voters will lose we should still keep them involved in the process.

Look, this CDB oil that is taken from the marijuana plant will not have anything that will get you high in it. This is a good thing for children with epilepsy, also the regular plant will give cancer patients and aids patients help with their conditions. There is always going to be problems with new ways or ideas and this is going to be one of those times. If we as Floridians can look at this as a good thing for our state then we can all work together and learn from the other 22 states that legalized medical marijuana. We can learn from their mistakes. This is a good thing we are doing. Never forget it Florida. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to

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