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How will business survive without slave labor

Shame on a country that will not raise the minimum wage! Shame on a country that once used the excuse, how will business survive without slave labor? Your ways have not changed. Today's slaves are minimum wage earners and the excuses are still the same. Why does nobody ask the important question, how will minimum wage earners survive if business owners do not pay a decent wage?

Owning a business is not an excuse to scalp employees so that bosses can live in the lap of luxury. Luxury may come or not, but the responsibility towards fellow human beings remains. There are many worthy business owners who pay above minimum wage. They are to be lauded. There are many business owners who sacrifice so that their employees can make a decent living. They too are to be congratulated.

But there are too many bad examples of business owners who scalp their fellow human being, who use them like cattle to be slaughtered, like sheep to be shorn or like chickens to be robbed. Is there more legal mafia than illegal mafia? Perhaps so. Perhaps there is no difference, because not paying a decent wage is as immoral as any mafia activity.

Wake up America! Stop the silly political games of accusation against a president who is simply trying to do the moral thing. Wage earners ought to be paid double what they now earn and in major cities even that is not enough to lift people out of the slave class.

What is the price of a human life? What is a human life worth? Certainly, a far more moral minimum wage might go a long way to answer that question.

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