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How Wife Saw Her Husband Murdered Because Gun Control Helped the Stalker Killer

Death was stalking Nicole Goeser in Tennessee on the tragic night her husband was murdered by a stalker. But according to her Fox News recount of that night of horror, strict gun control prevented her from saving her precious spouse’s life. Even though Goeser had a legitimate concealed carry permit for her pistol, the state law, “prohibited her from carrying her own handgun into the bar. The legal weapon which could have made the difference and saved her husband’s life was locked in her car,” she comments in her Fox News commentary.

Woman Claims Gun Control Law Responsible for Murderof Husband by Stalker
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The life and death tragedy was actually played out over the course of several weeks as the man who stalked her first followed her and her husband as they rolled out their portable karaoke at a variety of venues. In the beginning the killer simply showed interest in being a faithful customer, and it gradually became a Facebook friendship with her.

But unfortunately the friendship turned dark and she had to un-friend the man as his comments became increasingly inappropriate. He continued to show up at their karaoke nights which were held at a local Nashville, Tennessee restaurant. The fact that he had not threatened violence against her did not place her or her husband’s mind at ease. In fact, according to her, her husband had warned his eventual killer off and to not bother his wife.

Nicole Goeser suggests that there was a degree of normalcy to the night her husband was murdered because after all, the establishment served alcohol and the state law prevented guns on the premises.

The stalker ignored the very obvious “No Guns Allowed” sign which was posted in plain view outside the restaurant and carried his weapon into the establishment that Thursday night. When the woman noticed that the stalker was in the restaurant she requested the management to remove him, but the murderer pulled out his .45 semi-automatic and shot her husband once and then fired five more times, attested Goeser in her Fox News piece.

The tragedy of her husband’s murder is felt all too often in far too many similar circumstances throughout the nation. These gun control “Gun Free Zones” are open invitations for criminals and potential murderers like the man who shot Goeser’s husband to waltz in knowing that the good guys are going to be defenseless while they shoot to kill.

Did strict gun control pull the trigger along with the stalker who apparently walked into that restaurant bar to specifically murder her or Nicole Goeser’s husband? What is clear is if she had been armed, the stalker might have become the victim and not her murdered husband.

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